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Bartsch - Paris

Atelier Bartsch brings back into fashion the French tradition of decorative painting by imagining custom-made decors for kids. Atelier Bartsch only does custom work.
Cost estimate upon request.


Atelier Bartsch

Atelier Bartsch creates and paints custom-made decors for private customers, interior designers, shops, events, shoots... Bartsch brings back into fashion the French tradition of decorative painting by imagining collections for children, with modern patterns and colors. Each wall is absolutely unique and hand-painted. Special care is devoted to the quality of materials, the color palette and the use of traditional craftsmanship to create a durable and elegant result. Cost estimate upon request.

Bartsch-salon-playtime01 Bartsch-salon-playtime02 Bartsch-salon-playtime04 Bartsch-salon-playtime05

Bartsch x Playtime Paris

Playtime Paris, the international trade fair for kids’ fashion and interior design, commissionned Bartsch to create murals for the fair’s rest areas. Drawing from conventional elements from the tradition of decorative painting, such as trompe l’œil and faux sky, Bartsch imagined two atmospheric decors—a day and a night full of confetti.

Bartsch-bulle-frise1 Bartsch-bulle-frise2

Bartsch x Atelier Bulle

Located in Paris’ old artisan district, Atelier Bulle revamps vintage furniture by using bright colours. Bartsch took inspiration from the tartan pattern, which can be found on small pieces of clothing such as socks or shirts, and blew it up to a very large scale.